Opera T2000tr

Multifunctional system featured by a high degree of movement automatization.

OPERA T2000tr is a multifunctional system featured by a high degree of automation in all its movements, employing the most advanced digital technology to allow the execution of any radiographic exam of bones and lungs with the utmost quickness, precision and safety.

OPERA T2000tr, provides for two main operation conditions, horizontal and vertical, And can operates even without digital detector that can be replaced by standard X-ray cassettes.


Basic Structure

Tilting Angle 90°
Tilting Speed 6°/S
Fdd In Horizontal Position 110 - 135 -150 cm
Fdd In Vertical Position 150 - 180 cm
Longitudinal Incidences ±40°
Longitudinal Incidences Speed 4 °/S
Tube Rotation For Exposures Without Detector +90° and +/-30° from +90° Position
Longitudinal Displacement With Detector 130 cm
Longitudinal Displacement Speed Variable Up to 6 cm/s
Minimum Height from Floor In Vertical Position 36 cm
Maximum Height from Floor In Vertical Position 178 cm
Type of Command From Panel or from Digital System
Rectangular Field Standard
Luminous Centering Device Standard
Additional Filters Standard