Radius XP - Intermedical

this Mobile X-ray System is INTERMEDICAL top range Product The Unit has been designed and made according to precise guidelines. A perfect mixing among:

Technological uniqueness (result of an accurate development deriving from a multiyear direct contact with final Users)


  • Dual Cooling System (Optional)
  • Dual Power System (Optional)
  • E-Motion (Optional)


Large Power reserve of 20 kW Excellent 1kx1k image quality Outstanding versatility: flexible configurations suitable for all the examinations


  • 25 frames/sec image acquisition with automatic Cine Loop, DSA and angio/cardio measurements
  • E-MOTION: all C-arm movements can be motorized
  • Dynamic anti-collision system on all C-arm movements.
  • DUAL COOLING SYSTEM: for immediate and effective heat removal. Innovative and exclusive liquid cooling system with liquid-to-air heat exchanger. At the nominal X-ray power the temperature of the X-ray assembly remains steady for an indefinite period of time.
  • DUAL POWER SYSTEM: power reserve system allows functioning from any standard wall outlet. Power is stored and released according to necessity. DAP meter
  • Full Dicom 3, USB, CD/DVD Interfacing
  • Remote Control