Image Distribution Teleradiology

The CHILI platform offers you a solution for your digital images that will grow together with your needs We offer comprehensive consulting from system analyses to customized packages and on-site installation to training and monitoring of the up and running system. CHILI excels in the area of integrating into your current workflow and easy interaction with RIS, KIS and the modalities based on IHE rules and standards. High speeds and ease of use are as much matter of fact for us as flexibility and expandability.


  • Multi-monitor
  • Modality-independent (CT, MR, US, CR, XA, ...)
  • Still frames, multi-frame
  • B/W, color
  • Tile, stack and cine mode
  • Slab, MIP and thick-slice depiction
  • Rotating in any direction
  • Stretching, polygons, 3- and 4-point angles
  • Freehand and text annotations
  • Plug-ins
  • Windows, Linux


  • Synchronous teleconferences
  • Integrated into all products
  • Telemedicine file
  • Regional networking
  • Efficient compression methods
  • Various protocols
  • (DICOM, DICOM e-mail, WEB, ...)
  • Secure Linux servers

Image Distribution

  • Web-based, 100% Pure Java
  • With the technology of a complete PACS
  • DICOM, HL7, diagnosis integration, ...
  • Modality-independent (CT, MR, US, CR, XA, ...)
  • Still frames, multi-frame
  • B/W, color
  • Data protection with
  • "pseudonymization", access rights, roles
  • Suitable for diagnostic procedures
  • (with corresponding monitor)
  • Platform-independent
  • Linux, Windows, Mac OS, ...


  • Kis/Ris Link-Up
  • Imagemanager Conforming to Ihe Standards
  • Autorouting Based on Rules
  • Departmentwide
  • (Radiology, Pathology, ...)
  • Secure Linux Servers




Key Characteristics:

  • Everything online (no jukeboxes)
  • Client/server technology
  • All workstations can view all of the data (subject to permissions)
  • No preloading
  • Fault-tolerant, redundant storage
  • Use of established enterprise archiving solutions such as TSM, Legato, etc
  • Use of third-party archiving Service providers
  • HIS and RIS interfaces (IHE, HL/7 and DICOM)
  • Web based image distribution right to clinical workstations
  • Synchronized display in PACS and RIS/HIS




Special Features:

  • IHE conformity
  • Teleconferencing between all PACS workstations and web viewers possible



CDDVD Burn Gateway:

System integrators of medical equipment who are involved in the integration of CD/DVD Burn Gateway with complementary products, e.g. PACS or modalities. Software designers implementing DICOM interfaces. CD/DVD Burn Gateway supports several DICOM Service Classes to provide the following procedure:

  • The User Can Send Verification Requests to the Cd/Dvd Burn Gateway.
  • The User Can Send Dicom Objects Via C-Store to the Cd/Dvd

Burn Gateway which acts as a Storage SCP. These Objects will then be written on a CD or DVD medium.


  • DICOM Conformance Statement
  • CHILI PACS is a self-contained networked computer system used for
  • archiving diagnostic medical images. It allows external system to send
  • images to it for permanent storage, retrieve information about such
  • images and retrieve the images themselves.

CHILI Worklist:

The main elements describing these capabilities are the supported DICOM Service Object Pair (SOP) Classes, roles, Information Object Definitions (IOD) and transfer syntaxes. It applies to version CHILI/Worklist SCP and should be read in conjunction with the DICOM standard and its addenda. As part of PACS integration CHILI/Worklist SCP supports several DICOM Service classes to provide the following procedures:

  • Allowing modalities to query for worklists of procedures to be performed and for patient procedures procedure demographics. CHILI/Worklist SCP processes these queries by directly accessing the RIS data. The provided RIS data are automatically updated through the normal operations of the RIS.
  • Notifying and updating this RIS database in response to procedure step transactions initiated by modalities as they perform examinations.