About Oncovision Company

ONCOVISION (GEM Imaging S.A.) is a Spanish technologic start-up company created in 2003 with the initiative of the Corpuscular Physics Institute (CSIC) and the University of Valencia.

We work in Molecular Vision applied to Health Sciences focusing in: cancer diagnosis and treatment, and advanced research in neurology, oncology and cardiology.

We are a company focused on Molecular Vision, which creates, develops and markets new medical technologies, global innovations with relevant clinical and economic advantages, often representing a breakthrough in current standards of diagnosis and treatment.

ONCOVISION´s original, fresh technology, strong intellectual property, top level clinical evidence, leading global reference centers, and pioneering protocols, is supported by its dynamic cross-functional team. ONCOVISION is opening unprecedented options in the treatment of cancer and serious cardiac and neurological diseases.

Our team and the company's technologies have been recognized by Spanish and European prestigious institutions. In 2007, the company was selected as one of the "20 Best Technologic Companies in Spain" and won the "National Medical Physics 2007 Congress Award" In 2008, it was one of the "20 Best Health Technology Companies in Europe" by the prestigious European Technology Tour, as well as finalist in the "National 25th Aniversary Enisa Award" Prof. Jose María Benlloch, active member of the company, won in 2008, the well-known "Jaime I" award. Scientists, technicians and technologists of ONCOVISION have dozens of publications and presentations at scientific and medical conferences worldwide.

Our shareholding, based in Valencia, was strengthened in August 2006 by the Spanish venture capital firm Bullnet, unifying its proven track in technological and management capabilities with companies in Spain and Portugal. The company is managed by a multi-task professional team with international experience.

With proven clinical and scientific results, differentiated technology with enormous potential for future technological and financial capacity, intellectual property and developing lines, ONCOVISIO