About Mediso Company

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems with headquarters in Budapest is a dynamic supplier of Nuclear Medicine and modern Hybrid Imaging techniques to the health care and medical research institutions of the world. The company was founded in 1990 by experts of the largest research and manufacturing company of the region which has been engaged of nuclear equipment manufacturing since 1960.

Main activities of the company:           

  • Researching innovative human and pre-clinical imaging technologies
  • Developing leading edge human and pre-clinical systems
  • Manufacturing, Servicing and selling imaging equipment
  • Providing diagnostic clinical Services


  • 2012 Frost & Sullivan 2012 European Preclinical Imaging New Product Innovation Award
  • 2012 Launch of nanoScan® Family complete preclinical SPECT/PET/CT/MRI imager portfolio
  • 2011 Launch of nanoScan® preclinical PET/MRI
  • 2011 Grand prize of innovation 2010(NanoPET™ /CT)
  • 2010 Introduction and installation of AnyScan® SC "CT-FIRST" CT/SPECT units
  • 2009 Inauguration of Mediso Reference Multimodality Diagnostic, Research & Training Centre
  • 2009 New Mediso product the NanoPET/CT™ pre-clinical PET-CT
  • 2008 Frost & Sullivan 2008 European Medical Imaging Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award
  • 2008 Launching of AnyScan® the first real triple-modality human SPECT-CT-PET of the world
  • 2007 Mediso takes the NM clinical diagnostic Service profile acquiring of PET-CT Ltd.
  • 2007 Production of the first Mediso human SPECT/CT
  • 2006 Grand Prize of Innovation 2006 (NanoSPECT/CT®)
  • 2006 Manufacturing of the first Mediso pre-clinical SPECT/CT
  • 2000 ISO 9001 and MDD certification of the company
  • 2000 Launching the Nucline™ SPIRIT DH-V variable angle dual head camera
  • 1998 Special Prize of the President of Hungary (X-Ring-R)
  • 1998 Mediso acquired the NM profile of Gamma Works, the dominant experts have joined Mediso
  • 1996 Release of the first SPECT camera Nucline™ X-Ring-R
  • 1994 Manufacturing of the first Mediso gamma camera
  • 1990 Foundation of Mediso Imaging Systems
  • 1972 Gamma Works released its first NM imager with digital processing