About Examion Company

Core competence for digital radiography solutions

The EXAMION® Group was introduced in 2012. As a merger between the firstly in 1987 founded 'Arzt & Praxis GmbH', based in Stuttgart/Germany together with the in 2007 integrated subsidiary 'DIX-Ray Medical Imaging GmbH' based in Munich/Germany as well as the initially branded 'DIX-Ray Solutions GmbH', which was shortly after enlarged through further subsequent acquisitions of 'Peters Medizin- und Röntgentechnik' in 2008 and is now known as 'EXAMION Medizin- und Röntgentechnik GmbH' in Cologne/Germany and 2010 founded the subsidiary 'DIX-Ray Polska in Poland'.

The EXAMION® Group faces the increasing requirements of health professionals nationally and internationally with an extensive industry know-how and years of experience in digital radiography, a broad product- and Service portfolio and regional presence under a standardized appearance.

According to the slogan "A System of Choices" the EXAMION® Group provides digital radiography solutions from one source as well as full-Service including Service and support as a follow-up to the installation for the sector of human medicine, veterinary medicine and emergency medicine. Currently the group has an install base of more than 2,000 systems, mainly in medical practices but also mobile solutions in the field-work. The inhouse developed AQS software is the platform to control, manage and archive all processes related to your digital x-ray processes and can be combined with a vast number of digital x-ray hardware systems.

Milenstones in the history of the EXAMION® Group

  • 1987 Company founded Arzt & Praxis GmbH
  • 1987 Market introduction of patient management software "medibit"
  • 1995 Market introduction of CR systems
  • 2000 Cooperation with OREX and implementation of OREX CR-systems in Germany
  • Since 2003 Further cooperation agreements with leading manufacturers including Kodak, Konica Minolta, and Agfa
  • 2006 Foundation of DIX-Ray Solution GmbH, later EXAMION – Medizin- und Röntgentechnik GmbH, Cologne
  • 2007 Acquisition of DIX-Ray Medical Imaging GmbH, Munich
  • 2008 Market introduction of DR systems
  • Seit 2009 establishment of a Europe-wide sales and Service network
  • 2010 EXAMION – Medizin- und Röntgentechnik GmbH, Cologne
  • 2010 Acquisition of DIX-Ray Polska, Cisek, Poland
  • 2011 Adoption of digital x-ray IDEXX customers in Europe
  • 2012 introduction of the universal umbrella brand EXAMION