Technical Support Team

Abzar Teb Asman’s (ABTEB)” technical support team encompasses knowledgeable individuals with strong educational and vocational background in medical field and customer experienced management to support our valuable customers within different modalities of medical systems.

We are committed to provide the most ideal but practical solutions, supports, and services besides selling the most modern medical equipment which will help you succeed in today's patient centered and highly integrated healthcare environment.

Over the years of experience we accomplished to the turning point of giving support and services to about 70 medical centers across the whole country which is a clearer evidence of what we view.

In addition to our proficiency in technical services, we proudly announce our promptness in supplying the ordered parts/ spare parts.

Technological innovation together with great attention and respect for/to customers as well as placing an express service supply are our keys of success in winning Iran's market.

These prosperities are attained by infatigable efforts of our qualified managing team, to whom ABTEB is indebted.



Signing up for a maintenance contract enables clinics and hospitals to receive our outstanding technical support to prevent accidental/random complexity.


Fault finding:

Our full inspection and detailed examinations result in exploring/examining precise troubleshooting. Replacing a defective part with a new one or even repair in the component level is not as easy as it sounds. However, our trained technicians manage to offer/perform the best solution in the shortest time possible.


Installation / De - installation:

Installation, De - installation and moving the entire system needs our absolute accuracy. ABTEB is proud to announce this version of the work in its bright history.



Even old systems can have a better imaging quality and outcome by being upgraded to a higher end line of technology. Not only is the idea could be considered economical for our customers, it will also promote our medical community to have progressive/ advanced knowledge.



Some of our other notable activities are as below:

  • Site preparation
  • General Contracting
  • Shielding (RF or X-ray)
  • Helium refill
  • Consulting on equipping the imaging centers and clinics
  • Best offering at supplement of all spare parts
  • Others