Multifunctional System Including Two Ceiling Suspensions.


Longitudinal Rails

Longitudinal Rails  
Length 440 cm
Transversal Bridges  
Length 200 cm E 180 cm
Transversal Bridges Travel on the Longitudinal Rails 330 cm
Movement Manual and Motorized
Braking Electromagnetic
Bridges Disengagement Electromagnetic Actuator
Telescopes Carriage  
Focus /Receptor In Lateral Distance 50 ÷ 250 cm
Braking Electromagnetic
Movement Manual, Motorized (Intentional), Enslaved
Horizontal Arm  
Rotation Angle Around Vertical Axis +200° / -135°
Rotation Angle Around Horizontal Axis +120° / -210°
Angular Positions Shown Mechanically Every 90°
Angular Positions Shown Mechanically Every 90°
Braking of Rotational Movements At Permanent Magnet
Control Console  
Hand Grips For the Stands Moving At the Sides of the Control Station
Brakes and Motorized Movements Control By Pushbutton
SID and Angle Incidence Indicator Display LCD 1X20 Characters
Front Panel Carbon Fiber
Grids Extractable
Patient Table  
Material Carbon Fiber
Absorption 0.9 Mm Aleq
Maximum Patient Weight 200 Kg
Minimum Distance from Floor 63.5 cm
Motorized Vertical Travel 25 cm
Movement Speed 3 cm/s
Power Supply  
Voltage / Frequency 230 Vac 50/60Hz