OPER-0.5 - XGY


XGY OPER-0.5 Open Type Permanent Magnet MRI System,…



Basic Features  
Magnet Type: Permanent magnet, eddy current free, open C type & self-temperature control Field strength: 0.5T±3% Field homogeneity: <±1.5ppm(FWHH)/20cm DSV <3ppm(VRMS)/40cm DSV
Gradient System Amplifier: Field strength: single axis 24mT/m Gradient rise time:0.33ms Slew rate: single axis , 73mT/m/ms Nonlinearity: 40cm*40cm*38cm ellipsoid<5%
Rf Transmitting & Receiving System Type of transmitter & receiver: Digital Number of channels:4 Frequency range: DC-25MHZ Maximum receiver bandwidth: 1.25MHZ Pre-amplifier: gain 30dB Noise figure: 0.3dB RF amplifier: ≥6kw RF transmitting coil: panel transmitting coil RF receiving coil: phased array coil(4channels)
Auto Pre-Scan Function Auto RF correction, auto frequency lock, auto gain, auto coil identification, auto coil tuning, active shim
Image Specifications Image types: T1 weighted image, T2 weighted image, T2* weighted image, PD weighted image, diffusion weighted image, fat suppressed image, water suppressed image, fat-water separation image,Magnetic resonance hygrography (MRCP MRM MRU), MRA Field of view: 40mm-400mm Acquisition matrix: 64x64-512x512 Graphics matrix max.: 1024x1024
Pulse Sequence Spin echo (SE) Multi-slice & Multi-echo (MSME) Fast Spin Echo (FSE) Single shot fast spin echo (SSFSE) Multi shot fast spin echo (MSFSE) Inversion recovery (IR) Short inversion time IR (STIR) Fluid attenuated IR (FLAIR): T1W, T2W Inversion recovery fast spin echo (IRFSE) Gradient echo (GRE): 2D/3D Fast gradient echo (FGRE) Spoiling gradient echo (SGRE) Variable low angle gradient echo Enhanced gradient echo Steady state process GRE (SSPGRE) MRA: TOF 2D/3D PC 2D/3D CE-MRA Echo Planar Imaging (EPI)
Image Display & Post Processing Image post processing: filter, zoom, cut, text illustration & elimination, image offset, auto adjustment of window length & width Image analysis: interested area illustration, distance measurement
Patient Management Talkback System
Patient Bed Bearing 180Kg Max
Computer System Main: dual-core processor×2 (≥2.8GHz) Network controller: 1000Mbps Memory: 2 GB