About GMM Company

General Medical Merate, GMM, has been dealing in the X-ray medical field for over fifty years.

Thanks to its constantly renewed capability to conceive, develop and produce advanced X-ray equipment, GMM has always been offering products featured by outstanding performances and utmost reliability.

Over 65% of GMM production is meant for the international markets, especially towards Europe: this market success is doubtless coming from the quality and high technological content featuring our products which provide not only an extraordinary user-friendliness, but also unmatched versatility and suppleness of application.

Thanks to the full compliance with the most stringent Standards applying to medical devices and the observance of GMP procedures, GMM offers state-of-art equipment and is recognized out of its

  • Manufacturing flexibility
  • Cutting-edge products
  • Anticipation of the market needs
  • Widespread network of distributors and qualified Service

GMM range of products includes advanced equipment for any application need:

  • R/F remote controlled-systems (with analog and digital imaging systems and with flat panel detector);
  • Radiographic systems (analog and digital systems; DR systems);
  • Specialized X-ray equipment (C-arms, mobile units, mammography systems).