About Blueprint Genetics

We are a genetic knowledge company that provides comprehensive genetic testing services and is based in San Francisco, Helsinki and Dubai. We provide the most comprehensive clinical-grade NGS offering on the market and distinguish ourselves with gapless sequencing and high-quality medical statements.

We want to provide an easy and fast access to actionable results without ever compromising quality. We take pride in sharing data and being transparent about our sequencing quality and pricing. We provide a very comprehensive test portfolio. We cover more than 2,000 genes with our NGS platform, provide more than 400 tests including targeted NGS panels and Del/Dup Analysis as well as Medical Exome, Whole Exome and CNV Analysis.

Our technologies include OS-Seq, a targeted sequencing technology developed at Stanford and published in Nature. This enables us to provide very high coverage sequencing at a low cost. Our validation report summarizes the strengths of our sequencing quality. In order to provide high quality and up-to-date clinical interpretation of the sequencing results we run a large genetic data platform that is powered by the IBM Watson, we call the platform CLINT. 

We are here to bring genetic knowledge into mainstream healthcare, and we believe that cost efficiency without ever compromising quality is key in achieving that. Today we work with more than 150 hospital customers in 19 countries and every day we push to make actionable genetic knowledge easier to access for the medical community.

Company Website: http://blueprintgenetics.com